August 2021 Third Wave Grand Rounds: An Introduction to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

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Join us on Friday August 6, 2021 at 1pm.  No cost and open to all.

FREE ON-LINE WEBINAR:    An Introduction to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy with Dr. Megan McElheran, Clinical Psychologist and CEO, Wayfound Mental Health Group

This talk will provide a brief history of psychedelic medicines and their role in mental health treatment.  A model of treatment working with psychedelic medicines will be presented and current legislative status will be reviewed as it pertains to incorporating psychedelic-assisted treatments into clinical practice.


About our speaker:

Dr. Megan McElheran is the CEO of Wayfound Mental Health Group.  Dr. McElheran completed graduate training at the Palo Alto-Stanford University Clinical Psychology Consortium, during which she obtained specialized training in the treatment of PTSD through the National Center for PTSD in Menlo Park, CA. Dr. McElheran has been in practice in Calgary since 2008. She continues to focus on work with first responders, and her clinical practice involves work with active-duty members of the Canadian Forces, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, members of the Calgary Firefighter Department, medical personnel, and others who are directly or vicariously impacted by traumatic events. She routinely engages in teaching and supervisory activity to ensure the sound dissemination of empirically-grounded interventions for trauma. Dr. McElheran is regularly engaged in speaking events, both locally and internationally. She completed a TEDx speech in 2011 related to Trauma, Change, and Resilience and is the developer of the Before Operational Stress (BOS) program, a resiliency-based intervention program for public safety personnel.

Check out Megan’s TedZ Talk here:

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