We are Welcoming Autonomous & Supervised Practice Psychologists, Psychological Associates, MA Psychometrists

The Ottawa River Psychology & Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health team, in bright newly renovated offices located in Suite 100 at 201 McLeod Street across from the Museum of Nature in Centretown Ottawa is now welcoming candidates who are CPO registered or CPO eligible from diverse backgrounds to join our warm values-focused, experienced professional psychology team as autonomous practice or supervised practiced psychologists, psychological associates (i.e., child, adolescent, adult, couple, family, health) or as psychometrist professionals.

Ottawa River Psychology & Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc is an established, friendly, multidisciplinary team of regulated health care professionals providing psychology and psychotherapy services in-person and online through our bright accessible office in Centretown Ottawa, Ontario. 

Our clinical team members are supported by a skillful team of Care Coordinators who take care of clinical operations so clinicians can prioritize focus in excellent client care and personal and professional development.  Our team is a small friendly inclusive group who share the values and vision for high quality personalized psychological services as articulated by our ORIMH values and vision


We believe in quality over quantity in team development; we are looking for the right fit both in clients and in colleagues to serve our vision of bringing out the best in clinicians, clients and community. 

We intend that you will be treated with respect, care and consideration, and that your strengths, talents and training will be encouraged and nourished through our established team processes and procedures as well as through our individualized approach to mentoring and practice niche development by both primary and secondary supervisors in-house.

We are currently welcoming professionals who are open to building their clinical practice in the provision of mindfulness based, compassion focused, process based CBT, ACT, somatic psychology or IFS informed treatments as well as in conducting psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational  assessment services. 

Professionals interested in providing psychological  treatment services should have demonstrated prior initiative in developing themselves personally and professionally through practice and training in one or more of the treatment approaches described above; they should also demonstrate interest in working within a Third Wave oriented integrative treatment framework (i.e., mindfulness/compassion/somatic/internal family systems, trauma-informed, buddhist, ACT/process based CBT)

It is sufficient for an interested applicant to have been professionally trained in one of these modalities, and ideal candidates must demonstrate personal qualities of curiosity, openness, personal awareness, emotional maturity, agreeableness, conscientiousness and a capacity for self reflection about the integration of multiple approaches in their personal practice and clinical relationships with colleagues and clients.

We love learning more about  your personal passions and causes that give you meaning and vitality, which we intend to nourish and encourage as part of our emphasis on embodied well-being and growth for clinicians as well as clients.  Examples of past successful candidates have gone on to leadership roles in sports, yoga practice, mindfulness teacher training, provincial organization leadership roles, environmental research and education, governmental organization consulting and leadership, community board membership, and more. 

We hold the perspective that mindfulness and compassion based interventions are best implemented from a place of long term consistent personal practice within a values aligned context that includes ongoing collegial relationships, professional mentorship, and mutual accountability. We intend to support all clinicians’ personal integration of the psychological flexibility principles we teach to our clients, as well as to support clinicians in building connections to communities of professional practice to support lifelong career well-being and vitality.

Our working space has a well equipped meditation studio with technology capability for leading hybrid groups and workshops.  We prioritize long term personal and professional well-being and growth of a small community of clinicians and trainees over ambitions for large team size or high caseload volume; team members and trainees are selected carefully so that there are opportunities for building excellent long term professional collaborations within our team.

Biz Details: Full time clinicians are expected to annually average 16 hours per week with 3-4 weeks off.  Depending on level of training associates are compensated at between $135 and $143.50 CAD per hour on fees collected & paid +30 days by our professional accounting and bookkeeping team, with added professional benefits of in-house CPO clinical supervision, full time in person administrative support, access to our full psychological test library, regular referrals built up from sources over 12 years in Ottawa, online advertising, team bios and profiles on our website and social media, full secure online charting, scheduling and teletherapy platform, dedicated clinical space for in person services, and monthly in person or hybrid team meetings and case consultations.

We provide a supportive team environment for personal and professional  growth, as well as professional networks with contextual behavioral science, compassion, IFS and somatic experiencing international practice communities in addition to our regular, local,  in person monthly team meetings and peer consultation groups.

Psychologists with an existing private practice interested in discovering the benefits and advantages of a niche group practice (e.g. the significant administrative and marketing services provided to clinicians, competitive associate fees, mindfulness and compassion personal practice opportunities, experienced consultation, crisis and vacation support, and ongoing experienced clinical supervision) are welcome to contact us for further information at info@ottawariverintegrative.com or by arranging a meeting through one of our Care Coordinators at 613-656-3331

For colleagues interested in supervised practice, contact us to learn about how we prioritize high contact, personal mentoring and authentic connection as we have supported many successful clinicians begin their careers with us in the past 12 years (e.g., opportunities to receive training in any CPO-recognized competency areas, a steady flow of clients that ensures completion of the licensing process, support in preparing for CPO licensing exams and the oral exam, access to all mindfulness, compassion, third wave, and IFS mentoring opportunities with ORIMH.)

Psychologists, supervised practice candidates, and psychometrists (with training and interest psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational assessments using CPT, WMS, WISC-5 and WAIS-IV) who are interested in joining as an Associate of ORP/ORIMH are warmly invited to

submit a CV and cover letter to the attention of: Kimberly Sogge PhD CPsych CPO #4531 Ottawa River Psychology/ Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc kim@ottawariverpsychology.com   https://ottawariverintegrative.com

Applications will be accepted until positions are filled.

Posted August 18, 2023.