Supervision and Consultation

  • Do you offer Clinical Supervision or Clinical Consultation? Yes and Yes. As per the CPO announcement in July 2023, our psychology team offers Clinical Supervision for professionals who are in the process of being registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO).  For professionals who are in the process of being registered for other professional regulatory bodies (CRPO and others)  we offer Clinical Consultation.**  See the differences in definitions of Supervision between CPO and CRPO below **
  • Clinical Consultation for Individual Clinicians or Groups is available on an hourly basis with Dr. Kimberly Sogge by contacting our office at 613-656-3331
  • Psychology or Psychotherapy Graduate Level Clinical Practica: If you are a doctoral student in clinical or counselling psychology from an CPA accredited psychology program at a Canadian university, and you are seeking a Graduate-level Clinical Practicum  supervised experience please contact us after speaking with your doctoral practicum coordinator at your home university. Email or call 613-656-3331 to express your interest. At the present time we do not take practicum Master’s level practicum students or any graduate practicum students from other professions.   More details on practica with Ottawa River Psychology & Ottawa River Integrative Mental Health Inc.: In the past we have routinely taken several  graduate practicum students who are registered in accredited university programs from Canadian universities for a Graduate-level Clinical Practicum Year. The student is welcomed into our team and assigned a primary supervisor after a team interviewGraduate-level practicum year placements have an expectation of a gradual transition into 12-20 hours of individual psychotherapy weekly as well as weekly individual supervision, bi-monthly group supervision, weekly team meetings, monthly grand rounds and activities for your professional development planned as part of your supervisory agreement with your primary clinical supervisor. Case assignments are appropriate to your assessed level of readiness, in consultation with your primary supervisor and the acting clinical director of ORIMH.  
  • Supervised Practice in Clinical, Counselling or Health Psychology (Adolescent or Adult Populations) Ph.D. candidates in Clinical or Counselling Psychology from APA or CPA accredited graduate programs who are interested in a Supervised Practice year as defined  by the College of Psychologists of Ontario may apply for supervised practice within Ottawa River Psychology and Integrative Mental Health.  Supervised Practice Psychologists practice within the Ottawa River Psychology and Integrative Mental Health as a fully functioning team member with a primary supervisor from the Ottawa River Psychology and Integrative Mental Health registered psychologist team and the full supports of our talented and supportive inter-professional team. Our Doctoral-level Registered Clinical Psychologist team membersy offer supervision to psychologist colleagues who are in the process of completing their Supervised Practice year for College of Psychologists of Ontario registration.  This is a paid position where the Supervised Practice Psychologist is reimbursed close to the same level as an Autonomous Practice Psychologist on the team but must fulfill CPO requirements for their supervised practice year.There is no charge for weekly supervision by the primary supervisor for Supervised Practice Psychologists. Those successfully completing an average of 10-12 or greater supervised clinical hours per week for the duration of the Supervised Practice year AND with satisfactory or very satisfactory ratings from supervisors AND with demonstration of emerging professional leadership in the field of Contextual Behavioral Science/Third Wave Psychotherapy in the form of the development of professional workshops, research and/or publications or other forms of demonstrable professional leadership in Third Wave Psychology/Psychotherapy and the Contextual Behavioral Science professional community will be awarded a Third Wave Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellowship certificate from ORIMH attesting to their professional accomplishment.
  1. **For the differences in definitions of supervision between the College of Psychologists of Ontario and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario see below

We look forward to working with colleagues and future colleagues who share our passion and the vision. mission and values of Ottawa River Psychology and Integrative Mental Health.

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